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Monday, January 7, 2008

I am even going to be drinking decaf: Om Malik's heart attack

Om Malik, 41, suffered a heart attack on Dec. 28. He's now recovering, and says that he will be OK.

Om, a blogger who writes GigaOm about the technology industry, blamed a variety of vices. Om says, "Friends and family have purged my apartment of smokes, Scotch and all my favorite fatty foods – I am even going to be drinking decaf."

Om's incessant smoking of cigars and cigarettes likely led to the heart attack, according to Giga Omni Media's Chief Operating Officer, Paul Walborsky.

Other friends and colleagues cited the daily stress of blogging as a likely contributor to his heart attack. "If you come back to blogging before I give you permission, I'll be at your door to take away your MacBook," said his friend Paul Kedrosky.

Advice: Get your network of friends to help you take your New Year's Resolutions seriously.

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Thanks to Dan Fost for the source story in today's New York Times.

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