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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The blunderer must bear the cost: A drug error

When my husband developed a leg infection, his physician prescribed the wrong antibiotic. The insurance company, recognizing the mistake, refused to cover the prescription's $573 cost. But I had already filled it, and my husband had taken a dose. I think our doctor should reimburse us. (The correct treatment for this common infection was immediately prescribed by two other doctors.) My husband demurs. You?
-Name withheld, Los Angeles.

Answer by Randy Cohen, the NY Times Magazine Ethicist:

The doctor should take responsibility, including financial responsibility, for his error. This is not to demand omniscient physicians or mistake-proof medicine. Everyone is fallible on the job. But acknowledging human fallibility does not mean abandoning all professional standards. It this was, as it seems, a genuine blunder, then it is the blunderer who must bear its cost.

Update: Acknowledging his error, the doctor agreed to waive all future fees up to the amount of the erroneous prescription.

Advice to victims of a medical error: Insist that the doctor bear the cost of the error.

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Thanks to Randy Cohen for the source article in today's New York Times Magazine.

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