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Friday, August 13, 2010

I was not told of the complications: Botched Lasik Surgery

Caprice’s story:
I went to the eye center to see if I would be a candidate for Lasik. I was not told of the complications other than the obvious, I was never told of the permanent side effects (reading glasses). I was assured that I could attain 20/20 with the surgery. After my first surgery the doctor left "debris" under the flap of the right eye, and my eye became infected. I had excruciating headaches and the antibiotics did not help.
I went back in, they had to lift the flap and remove the debris, I was not told this would change the prescription of the eye. After removing the "debris" he left behind in the initial surgery my eyesight in my left eye was 20/40 and it became 20/100 in the right. I was not allowed to use any kind of corrective lenses at this time, again I was suffering severe headaches due to the disparity between the vision in both eyes. Unable to see adequately I subsequently lost my job. I went in to have the right eye corrected again.

After this surgery both eyes were 20/40 and I failed my eye exam for my drivers license. I was told I would have to wait a year before they could go back in and "enhance my vision. One year later I received a notice in the mail advising me it was time to come in and have my eyes checked. I returned to their office only to be told I would be charged for the visit. I was indignant and told them it was a follow-up from the previous surgeries, that they had not given me 20/20 and I would not pay. I was escorted back for more tests on my eyes. I was told they could get me 20/20 this time and i asked would this affect my near vision I was assured by two technicians it would not. I was scheduled for the "enhancement." After the "enhancement" surgery I discovered the doctor not only had left "debris" in the right eye he had also left some in the left eye as well. The field of vision in my right eye was greatly obstructed.

Not wanting to allow this "doctor" to touch me again I went to a specialist in Dallas only to discover not only had the doctor left "debris" in my right and left eyes, he had left creases in the flap of the right and ruined the lens in that eye as well! I got astigmatism in the left eye and I have to permanently wear reading glasses all the time. The specialist spent 45 minutes cleaning out the "debris" and "ironing" out the creases. I want to tell the world what they did to me!

Read another story about elective surgery. Thanks to Caprice for sharing her story.

1 comment:

Ken Farbstein said...

This woman should be encouraged to tell her state medical board, her local newspapers, and her legislators - especially the ones that think tort reform is the answer to out-of control medical care costs. She has to get the attention of those who can make changes and hold carerless caregivers accountable when they harm others. -John James, Editor, Patient Safety America Newsletter