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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Run, do not walk: A dentist's errors

Patti's story:
In 2002 I was referred to a dentist by my family physician. The dentist insisted he perform a full mouth oral reconstruction and he was the "best" for the job. My dentist told me a panoramic X-ray would be taken before recon but later I found he had no such machine. He also told me I would be given antibiotics...knowing I had a heart condition.

Immediately all my veneers broke at one a month as my dentist tried to patch them with a yellowed crackled substance. Later my front teeth had to be filed down and capped. I also learned other patients of this dentist had veneer failures.

In 2004 my recon was still not complete. My dentist ignored facial pain, numbness, swelling, infection and inability to chew solid food. His response was, "shut up, you're losing weight." My dentist also told me to "shut up" or, I'll take back your reconstruction...you don't deserve my reconstruction. I didn't know what that meant.

After my veneers failed a newly crowned molar broke due to improper load force. My dentist angrily slathered a rough substance over my molar with visible debris still under the slathered crown.

Later four unsuccessful root canals were performed, all necrotic, all with no antibiotics. My dentist stated I could become immune to a plaque if given antibiotics. I lost my crown and learned of crown replacement guarantees.

After one of my past root canals I confronted my dentist about sedating me without my knowledge or consent. He was leaving me to drive home alone under the "influence." His response to my sleeping was, "You were wasting costly chair time." I told him to never do that again.

During an appointment for final impressions for that "free" replacement crown my dentist sedated me again without my permission. He was verbally and physically abusive. He drilled for two hours through the "sole" of my molar. He stated in my file I would lose that molar.

I sought the best of dentists including periodontists and prosthodontists for sectioning. But my dentist destroyed everything above the gum including his own crown lengthening and gum surgery which he told me would be done by a periodontist. Another one of my dentist's lies.

I also found out from those dental specialists I had TMD from an improperly positioned reconstruction.

Weeks later with no antibiotics and what was left of a severed necrotic molar sealed in silver amalgam I was admitted to a hospital with septic shock, hemorrhaging internally. I was put on life support with renal and respiratory failure. My insides were repaired as best they could. My family was told I would die. At 5' 7" I was left weighing 83 pounds.

Due to malnutrition I lost my hair and fingernails. My surgery also failed leaving my stomach and intestines to flip over one another. My colon protruded out my navel. All my internal organs relocated outside my body. I was left to suffer ileus (vomiting my own feces) and ongoing renal failure.

Again I sought the best...only, this time I was looking for the best abdominal repair surgeon. No surgeon could make such a huge repair and without repair I was to die.

Two years later in 2006 my incision reopened spewing pus from an intra-abdominal abscess.

I found a renowned surgeon at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital to repair me...the largest repair he has performed. I am told I am lucky to be alive.

The most disturbing fact about my dentist is that he held no current controlled substance license at that time. I have also found my dentist claimed specialized dental fields without even passing a simple written test. My dentist's Chicago Dentistry Society profile states TMD as one of his specialties. My dentist denied any knowledge of TMD when confronted with my failed TMD reconstruction.

I was told by dentists to demand a free crown replacement. I was told by a prosthodontist to demand a properly placed reconstruction.

Patti's Advice: It's our duty to check our dentist's licensure through our state's department of professional regulations. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Run...do not walk from a dentist like this idiot!!!

Read a story about a much more competent and compassionate dentist. Thanks to Patti DePaola for sharing her story.

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