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Saturday, March 1, 2008

He used an alias: A lawsuit on John Ritter's misdiagnosis

When actor John Ritter checked into a Burbank, California hospital the day he died, he used an alias, "Edwin Marcus," to protect his privacy. He died of an aortic tear, which might have been diagnosed by an X-ray. His widow, Amy Yasbeck, is suing two of the doctors who treated him, saying they misdiagnosed his condition, and did not order an X-ray. The doctors' attorneys say the name change created confusion at the hospital, for which John is responsible.

John Ritter was 54 years old when he died of an aortic tear in 2003. His widow is seeking $67 million in damages.

Advice: Patients using aliases, or their advocates, should carefully track their care against the hospital's checklist to ensure all necessary physician orders are performed.

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Thanks to ContactMusic.com for the source story yesterday.

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