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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never again in California will someone be kicked to the curb: Universal health care on International Migrants Day

California moved significantly closer to broadly expanding health insurance coverage yesterday, when the Democratic-controlled Assembly passed legislation that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger backs.

Three other states – Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine – have passed similar plans in recent years. The California plan mimics Massachusetts' by requiring most individuals to obtain basic health coverage and requiring insurers to offer policies regardless of a consumer's age or health status. The plan would use a sliding scale for premiums and tax credits to make coverage affordable. Children who are in the U.S. illegally could receive coverage, though adult illegal immigrants would not be eligible.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said, "There is hope through this bill that never again in California will someone be kicked to the curb by an insurance company."

This is a significant step, just in time for International Migrants Day, which is celebrated today, Dec. 18.

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Thanks to Kevin Sack for the source article in today's NY Times.

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