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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's atrocioius that doctors do not carry enough liability insurance: A surgical error lawsuit

Here’s the comment by a reader who was the subject of my recent blog post:

I am the person mentioned in the article which Dr. Paul Cho disabled while addicted to narcotic prescriptions which he was writing for himself. I think it is atrocious that these doctors do not carry enough liability insurance. Not to mention that the Texas Medical Board did not pull his license; barely reprimanding the doctor at all. Who is out there to protect the patient from these doctors? Something needs to be done. Dr. Cho simply moved out of El Paso to open another practice in Fort Worth. Why, so he can disable more people? These doctors need to start taking responsibility for their actions and the Texas Medical Board needs to start doing what they are supposed to be there to do...PROTECT THE COMMUNITY.

Thank you,
Demian M. McElhinny

Advice: Tell your story to warn others.

Read the original blog post, or read more from the source article in the Oct. 5 issue of the New York Times.

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