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Friday, July 13, 2007

Satisfied users of medication reminder watches: Patient compliance

These three testimonials appeared on a vendor’s web site, so take them with a grain of salt:

C.C.’s Testimonial:
Your company was very helpful in finding a good electronic reminder for my Mother. She is Diabetic and needed help in trying to remember to take her Insulin at the right time. Before she had the watch that we eventually bought from epill.com, we had experienced a couple of spells where her blood sugar required us to call 911 in the middle of the night. Needless to say, this caused my Father and the rest of our family great stress. Since then, she hasn't forgotten to take her Insulin and actually enjoys the vibrating watch that we got for her. With her hearing problems, she never would have had the same degree of success with an audible alarm. Your complete and informative website directed us to the right alarm for her.

Thanks so much! We will enjoy the watch and having my Mom around for hopefully many years to come.

K.P.’s Testimonial
The watch (e-pill MeDose) is a godsend. Prior to using the watch my grandson had approximately 64 seizures in a 2-month period. Since using the watch he has had only 2 seizures in a 2-month period.

T.M.’s Testimonial
Thank you for creating this product (MD.2). My mother is able to stay at home and take her medication thanks to this pill machine. She was recently declared cognitively unable to take her medications from a traditional pill box.

The visiting nurses have commented on how much better she is doing now that she is getting the correct medication at the correct time. Prior to having your specialized pill machine, my mother was inadvertently taking medication from the wrong day or time or getting confused and trying to put the medication back into the regular pill bottles and fill the pill boxes herself.

This machine has eliminated all of that confusion for her and allows her to live at home and take her medication without supervision.

Thank you for giving my mother additional days/months/years of independence. I know at some point her Parkinsons will get the best of her, but for today, the machine [e-pill Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser] allows her greater independence. Thank you.

Advice to family members with a forgetful loved one on medication: Consider buying a device like the ones described above.

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