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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lucio Satar: A flu vaccine story

Lucio Satar, a healthy eight-year-old boy in Minnesota, began feeling sick with the flu on Jan. 24. He died Wednesday of pneumonia, a complication from the flu.

Across the U.S., about 100 children die every year from flu complications, according to Patsy Stinchfield, a pediatric nurse practitioner who leads the Minnesota Immunization Practices Advisory Committee.

Advice to parents: Please have your families vaccinated against the flu.

Read the story in the Lacrosse Tribune.


Anonymous said...

Wow; There is so much i can say.
i didnt really KNOW KNOW Lucio Satar but i knew him enough to say that he was a VERY bright and special kid. im very close to one of his siblings and it hurts to see how bad it hurt him and his family; but god needed such a great boy more than we did.
people who knew and loved Lucio Satar will reunite with him someday, just think of it as that hes in a better place where he no longer had to go through the pain. so please mourne no more.

monchalet said...

God bless you Lucio Satar.

monchalet said...

We miss you Lucio.

Anonymous said...

I wish u were still here u and me..no..u and ur classmates(including me) we all would've graduated together this year in 6th...I miss you..wait no..we all miss you Lucio!!!
-Kaitlyn Vu

P.S. Happy belated birthday Lucio.