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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

90 pints, 60 years, 26 miles: Team Red Cross for Boston Marathon 2017

    I’ve donated blood 90 times over the years to the American Red Cross, most recently as a platelet donor.  For that, they put you in a comfortable recliner, and you lie still for two hours with needles in both arms, asking a nurse whenever you need them to scratch your nose.  This felt like doing something that was good every three months, but it was abstract.  It hit home when one of my oldest and closest friends was diagnosed recently with leukemia.  So I’ve decided to donate more often in Rick’s behalf, and I’m collecting money for the American Red Cross, as I’ll be on their team for the April 2017 Boston Marathon, around my 60th birthday.

    This will be my third marathon, after running in 1997 to prove 40 wasn’t fatal, and in 2014 to reclaim the Boston Marathon as ours from those who’d have us live in fear after the bombing in 2013.  So now I’m doubling down on my commitment to the Red Cross, with a goal of $10,000.  Can you help me along the way now?  Please click Donate at my marathon page.   I like to walk the talk; you can help me run the talk.

     Money back guarantee:  If I don’t finish, I’ll pay you back.  -Ken Farbstein

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