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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year: It's your medical record, but you can't see it

Two of my encounters with the healthcare system yesterday ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. First, the sublimely good one: I went to our veterinarian's office to buy some toothpaste for my dog. When I asked for it, they asked my last name. I was given the toothpaste, and I paid for it. With the receipt, the clerk handed me a one-page printout listing the dates for Jackson's next well-dog checkup and the next three years of immunizations, with his photo and name, address, and owners at the top of the page. I was delighted: without my even asking, they gave me tailored information to keep my beloved pet healthy.

Then, later in the afternoon, the ridiculous. I brought another beloved pet, my daughter, to see a sports medicine doctor for a minor issue. I asked the clerk to see her medical record. They couldn't give it to me. Why? For privacy reasons. Whose privacy?! Well…it's policy, so we can't. Why did I want it? To do my homework in advance, and to save the doctor's time during the appointment. Following their procedure, I filled out a paper release form, to be handled by Medical Records. Could I FAX them the release, and have them FAX me the record? You'd need to call Medical Records for that. OK; I called, but could only get a recording that said they'd need 7 to 10 days to mail the doctor's progress note to me. I talked to the Practice Administrator. I couldn't get my daughter's record in advance, nor could my daughter. Well, whose record is it? It's yours, but our policy says you can't see it. Who set the policy – the Director of Nursing? No. The CEO? No, a committee.

They had me; I was stumped, and we both knew it. Those were the magic words: "policy," and "committee." That meant logic and reasonableness wouldn't matter.

Advice for a New Year's resolution for dealing with a very old-fashioned medical system: To get "your" medical record, either keep a copy of the doctor's last note about your visit, or ask your doctor's Medical Records unit, two weeks in advance, to send it to you.

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