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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The cult that cures: Listening to stories

"It's not surprising that storytelling became so fundamental to the culture of A.A. What is more interesting is what it contributes to recovery. 'It's just confession,' you might think, or 'It's just free psychotherapy.' And that's partially right. But it's not just confession or psychotherapy when everyone in the room is doing it, and it turns out that listening to stories is just as important – and maybe more important – than telling them. Stories break through loneliness. And perhaps the worst thing about alcoholism - and the reason I tried to kill myself that night – is the conviction that you deserve your loneliness, that no one needs to be cast out more than you do."

Advice: In this holiday season, listen to and tell lots of stories with others.

Read another story about the therapeutic fellowship of A.A.. Thanks to Clancy Martin for this excerpt from his warm and poignant article in the January 2011 issue of Harper's Magazine, ”The Drunk’s Club: A.A., the cult that cures”.

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