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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Real Men Don't Wear Gowns

Ken's rant:
I like to look silly – once in a great while, at Halloween, and Purim. But even then, I don't cross-dress.

I don't do dresses. And not nightgowns, negligees, chemises, and not even aprons, either.

So, hospital nurse, don't give me a johnny – one of those ridiculous open-to-the-back gowns with a drawstring and little chotchke designs.

There are 5,000 other hospitals in the country, and if you hand me a johnny, I'll haul myself out of your hospital bed and find a hospital that doesn't make me wear one.

Advice to patient advocates: Tell your clients to bring their own bathrobe or favorite pajamas to the hospital.

Read a very different story about a patient’s dignity in the hospital.

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