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Friday, December 11, 2009

I have no options: The public option for chronic pancreatitis

Robin's story:
To claim that the passage of a comprehensive health care bill will result 
in rationing is just plain ignorant. You ignore that many of us are 
uninsurable; I struggle with health issues post TP/IAT (pancreatic surgery with islet cell transfer like I had), yet must work, as my health 
insurance is supplied through my self-employment...and I pay $22,000.00 
per year for health care coverage, with a deductible.

I have no options, I cannot change or reduce my plan without fear of being 
reviewed again by underwriters and rejected. 

Don't you understand that without protection from a government plan, many 
of us would be blacklisted from group or individual health insurance because 
of our disease? 

Don't you understand that the insurance companies have the right (NOW) to 
deny you coverage because of "pre-existing conditions" clauses? 

Go to a website and at least read the health plan that was approved by the 
House...it is sensible, and it may provide affordable coverage to persons 
afflicted with chronic illness who otherwise would be uninsurable.

It is frustrating that there are those out there who really believe the 
NEGATIVE press that has been surreptitiously funded by health insurance 
companies and big PHARMA, why...because the government plan will cost them $!!
We with Chronic Pancreatitis are the outcasts of the medical profession, we are constant and 
expensive consumers of the system, a system that is designed to deny us 
benefits. We should all be writing letters to our respective congressional 
representatives to support national health care. 

The people on this listserv should be jumping up and down and trying to 
educate others who don't suffer from the stigma of a chronic illness about 
how necessary the regulation of our insurance and health industries is...to 
give those of us who fall into an "unacceptable risk pool" an opportunity to 
obtain health insurance without prejudice and the almost certain risk of 
denial once you carry a CP diagnosis.
Robin H. (CA)

Advice: Read another story about the difficulty of getting health insurance with a major pre-existing condition. Thanks to Robin, and Carolyn Bloom, for the source posting to pancreatitis@YahooGroups.

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