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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back at the same level: Tom Brady's hospital post-surgical infection

A few minutes before Super Bowl LXIII, and Patriots fans know that in a just world, Tom Brady should be guiding the Patriots to another Super Bowl win.

Tom, of course, suffered a season-ending injury early in the season. He had surgery on October 6 to repair his knee, with a patella tendon graft inserted to replace his torn ACL (anterior [front] cruciate ligament). His torn medial (middle) cruciate ligament (MCL) was also repaired.

Afterward, he suffered a postoperative staph infection – the most common kind of post-op infection. He was put on antibiotics, and remained on antibiotics through at least November 11. The infection was caught early, and was treated aggressively with wash-out procedures and intravenous antibiotics.

The infection has delayed the start of physical therapy to restore his range of motion, prevent the build-up of scar tissue, and protect the cartilage.

But Patriots fans can take consolation in the words of Kevin Wilk, the associate clinical director of Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama, who has helped more than 500 NFL players recover from ACL surgery: "He's going to make it back and play at the same level."

Advice: Bet on Tom Brady.

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Thanks to Shira Springer for the source article in the Boston Globe of Nov. 11.

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