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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're the dancers of this life: Yena Marcovicci

Every ball gives you a new opportunity.
Your opponent on the other side of the court is your partner.
There is no failure.
The journey is staying in the moment, not in the score.

Yena Marcovicci died suddenly in the prime of his exuberant life at 62, in October, of a heart ailment. He had kept private the knowledge of the ailment.

He had been a long-time life coach and teacher of The Dance of Tennis at Omega Camp in Rhinebeck, New York.

We're the dancers of this life,
The healers of our world
Of the journey that whirls within
Challenging all that made this life.

Advice: Live as fully and uniquely as Yena, "free to love and free to share the true nature of our soul."

Thanks to Skye Marcovicci for the source poem by Yena Marcovicci, "Gypsy Warrior."

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