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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teddy Kennedy

A well-to-do man, Senator Edward Kennedy has long stood up for the underdog.

In response to the grim news this week of his terminal brain cancer, Sen. Kennedy has reached out to his family, and has even gone sailing near his beloved Cape Cod.

He lives his values, and fights for them. He consistently works with political opponents to find common ground, on immigration and education reform, to cite just two recent examples.

I hope that having fought hardest to expand healthcare over the years, that now, with the possibility of a Democratic president and Congress, he will live to see the passage of a universal healthcare bill in the next Congress.

For Jewish friends, who are encouraged to pray for an ailing person's health with the person's Hebrew name, I suggest as a Hebrew name, Thaddeus ben Shoshana (Ted, son of Rose).

Advice to people with terminal illnesses: Live your life with as much of Teddy's passion and humor as you can.

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