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Saturday, April 19, 2008

In pajamas with his weapon: Mental illness among Iraq veterans

One marine found himself outside patrolling his yard in the middle of the night in pajamas with his weapon. Others need their weapon beside them when they sleep. The adrenaline is so high for returning military that they avoid situations that drive it up, e.g., amusement parks and driving. Symptoms of anxiety also make loud noises difficult to take. One Army wife said, “My husband didn’t sleep for six months.” Anger issues were prevalent: “They go off at the simplest things,” said one spouse.
-comments of veterans and spouses in focus groups for the recent RAND study

While mental health problems are common, many veterans receive no treatment, or far too little treatment. Almost half of those who brought their problems to the attention of a health professional in the preceding 12 months did not receive minimally adequate treatment (eight sessions of psychotherapy or medication). Nearly 60% of soldiers who experienced a probable brain injury during their deployment have not been evaluated for this condition by a physician or other health specialist.
-Key findings of RAND study, Invisible Wounds of War.

Advice to spouses of Iraq vets: Insist on getting professional help for your spouse.

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Thanks to the RAND researchers for their study, Invisible Wounds of War.

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