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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chasing nurses down the ward: Life after ostomy surgery

Jim Mielke lives a unique and varied life as an expert in international public health. Like most of us, he is also a patient. Here is the first of an occasional series of his stories:

I can still recall feeling like a new man almost immediately upon waking up with my ileostomy (a surgically created opening in the abdominal wall, with an external abdominal pouch to collect intestinal [fecal] output). Suddenly, I was free from years of pain and misery lasting from age 14 to 19. When I finally got my bag at age 19, I recall thinking, why did they wait so long? For the next three years, I was in and out of several different hospitals for 11 major ostomy-related surgeries, including total removal of the large intestine and rectum, while also struggling to withdraw from the addictive medications prescribed to me over the years. During these hospital stays, I was sometimes called upon to informally counsel those facing ostomy surgery or recovering from surgery. One of the common concerns of the men I counseled related to sex, and like any normal young male, I was pretty juiced up – chasing nurses down the ward with my red and white striped baggie flapping in the breeze. So I suppose the hospital staff felt that I could at least be a positive boost to these other guys.

Following the ostomy surgeries, life simply took off with my fully recovered and excellent health…

Advice to those with serious intestinal problems: Actively look into the options you have, and the quality of life you’ll likely have with each one.

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