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Thursday, August 16, 2007

To say I was amazed would be an understatement: Infant’s fever treatment

Michele O’Donnell’s story
My baby daughter Linda was quite prone to fevers, and it was one of those incidents that led me to call on the help of a far wiser and more mature woman than myself. My request was that she accompany me to the doctor’s office, but her response was something that I never imagined. She said that she would come right over and take me if I would do something while she was on her way. She told me to kneel next to Linda (who was lying on a beanbag on the floor, bright red and burning up with fever) and place my hands on her head and quietly and calmly tell the fever to leave her. Quietly and calmly was certainly the key here. If I remained in the frightened and agitated state which I was in when I called for help, I could not have accomplished this. As long as I was giving the appearance such power by my fearful reaction, the problem would remain. I was playing victim to the situation, having no idea the power available to me to correct it. At first I thought she was kidding me, but when I learned she was not, I said I would “try it” so long as she still was on her way to get us and go for real help if it didn’t work. As soon as she hung up, I did exactly what she requested. I found that if I sang a song or two for Linda first, we both would calm down. Within minutes after singing the songs and telling the fever to leave, it was gone. Usually when a fever breaks, the patient begins to perspire profusely, but this she did not do. It simply was not there anymore. When my friend arrived, everything was calm and under control. To say that I was amazed would be an understatement.

Michele’s advice:
Suffering, while it comes as a physical entity, does not necessarily need to be dealt with on that level. We are not in a helpless state when faced with it.

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