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Thursday, March 1, 2007

You are my best patient: Partnering with your doctor

From Steve Schalchlin's online diary, Living in the Bonus Round:

[W]hen we got home, there was a message from the doctor's office with my blood test results. Dr. Ruchi came on the line and literally said, "Are you sitting down?"
I sat down. She said, "Your triglyceride level is..."

I held my breath.


I screamed, "ARE YOU SERIOUS???"

She said, "You are my best patient. It's amazing."

171. I was hoping for less than 400. She continued, "And this has brought your cholesterol level down to 120."

I'm glad I was sitting down. Passing up all that KFC was working. It's driving Jimmy crazy that the only thing he can cook for me anymore is chicken.

Now, the last time I got my levels this low, I celebrated by ordering a huge pizza. Then I got lazy. But not this time.

I realize that I can't afford to ever stop training.

Advice to patients: Never stop training! Do the hard work, if that's what it takes, to be their best patient. And if you see any chicken-free recipes that will help Steve keep his cholesterol down, send 'em in, to keep Jimmy sane... ;-)

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