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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Accomplishments of Massachusetts hospitals' Patient/Family Advisory Councils

The Patient/Family Advisory Councils of Massachusetts hospitals have made some innovative changes. Here are a baker's dozen of them.

Developed a program in which all medical house officers now rotate through our Simulation Center, receiving didactic and high-fidelity simulation sessions on conducting family meetings. (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Launched “Patients as Educators” program to share experiences with small groups of nurses and doctors (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)

Reviewed quality dashboards and publicly reported quality measures (Health Alliance)

Reviewed quality outcomes and patient satisfaction data (Heywood Hospital)

Helped residents plan family participation in Chief of Service Rounds (Children’s Hospital)

Helped plan an “Appointment Buddy" program that provides volunteer assistance to families of children with special needs (Children’s Hospital)

Participated in training sessions with oncology fellows and residents, so physicians could learn directly from patients and families about the human experience of living with cancer (Children's Hospital)

Installed a Portuguese channel on inpatient televisions (Morton Hospital and Medical Center)

PFAC member became a "secret shopper" to go through the registration process, three members working with hospital staff on the registration, flow and patient handout information (Nantucket Cottage Hospital)

Re-vamped a discharge medication tool to be more patient friendly and easier to understand for patients. (New England Rehabilitation Hospital)

Developed the “Crisis in the Classroom” program, which reinforced the need for mental health services for the community. This program brings experts in child psychiatry and development together with parents and first-responders (teachers, principals, guidance counselors, school nurses, and law enforcement. (Newton Wellesley Hospital)

Helped to design 'the Joanie'- an improved hospital gown that is more comfortable. (Newton Wellesley Hospital)

Developed a process for families who wish to stay overnight to request a cot be brought up to a patient's room (Caritas Norwood Hospital)

Read another story about innovative efforts by patient/family advisory councils.

Thanks to Amelia Russo for compiling the master list, and to Linda Burgess, Nicola Truppin, Deb Wachenheim, and Alec Ziss as our Patient/Family Advisory Council work group members at Health Care for All’s Consumer Health Quality Council.

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