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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Radio Program on Getting the Right Care Team

"Caregivers Stories: Getting the Right Care Team" will be broadcast live on Friday, July 29, 1 - 2 pm EST. During Ms. Hari Khalsa's radio show, Ken Farbstein will use stories from his new book to answer your questions and offer:

1. Specific tips for staying safe during medical crises;
2. A general mindset of being an empowered patient; and
3. Ways to partner with your doctors and nurses.

To hear the show on your computer via Internet radio, go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healthcare-whisperer-/2011/07/29/caregivers-storiesfinding-the-right-care-team.

To offer your questions and comments during the show, call: (805) 830-8363.

Ken Farbstein, MPP, leads Patient AdvoCare in Needham, Massachusetts. He has served two elected terms as President of Health Care for All's Consumer Health Quality Council. His new book is Getting Your Best Health Care: Real-World Stories for Patient Empowerment, published by the Professional Patient Advocate Institute. Ken guided his multi-hospital system clients, winning IHI's Premier Award for Hospital Medication Safety.

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