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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vanderbilt University Hospital Advisory Council's Accomplishments of 2009

This is a small subset of the accomplishments in 2009 by the hospital's Patient and Family Advisory Council, led by Mary Ann Peugeot:

Inpatient Admission Guide;

Surgical Consent template revised to 5th grade reading level;

How to Have a Safe Clinic Visit: core elements were defined for signage;

Discharge Video;

Clinic Kiosks: Discussed the effectiveness of check-in kiosks and made recommendations.

The full set of accomplishments in 2009-10 can be read here.

These changes make Vanderbilt’s council a model of how patients and families can guide hospitals in becoming more patient-centered. Kudos to Mary Ann Peugeot and her Council!

Advice: Ask to participate in your hospital’s council.

Read another story about innovative patient and family advisory councils. Thanks to Mary Ann Peugeot for the source.

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