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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Senate's Christmas gift for families like the Mains: Pre-existing conditions

The Yes from Senator Ben Nelson is the crucial 60th vote in favor of the health reform bill. That's a major milestone toward the bill's passage.

On this morning's Meet the Press TV show, Sen. Nelson said that the early benefits of the bill, if it passes, will prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to children for their pre-existing conditions.

Who'll benefit? Hesper Main offers her example:
I too am a victim of Mega Life. Months before my son was diagnosed with leukemia we decided that we had let the children go without insurance for too long. I found an inexpensive insurance for the self-employed and called. The woman who set up our policy was a quick speaking, spastic, all over the place mess. She explained to us how wonderful a hospital-based plan was and my husband and I were not well educated in health insurance to doubt what she was saying. Now, the bills are so high that we are going to have to file bankruptcy. The woman at Mega Life completely misrepresented her company and duped us into purchasing our policy. My son is healthy and in remission, even though we are struggling with getting these bills paid. The doctors and hospital have never denied my son care. Thank God! I shudder to think of how many people out there are going through the same thing that we are.

Read another story about an insurer’s denial of a pre-existing condition. Thanks to the bloggers at Health Care for All for posting her comment, reprinted here.

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