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Saturday, July 11, 2009

An incentive to noble living: The anniversary of Grandpa Leo's fatal surgical error

Leo Juran, my father-in-law, went into the hospital for a minor, routine hernia repair seven years ago, and died a few days later of a rare complication. According to the Jewish lunar calendar, today is the seventh anniversary of his death.

Leo seemed to be most in his element when playing with his young grandchildren, who achingly miss him.

Eternal God, as I kindle the Yahrzeit lamp on the anniversary of the death of my loved one, the memory of his life passes before me. I fondly recall the years we shared together. Time cannot efface the measure of his devotion. I shall ever be grateful for the sacrifices he made in my behalf.

Dear God, may the memories which this Yahrzeit candle evokes be an incentive to noble living. Please keep my dear ones who loved him united in affection and harmony. I pray that I may so live that when at last, I too, am summoned to you, I shall be worthy to be united with my dear one in the bond of eternal life. Amen.

Advice: Leo was a tough customer who would go to the top when he had a complaint. Insist on fair and respectful customer service, firmly and politely, as he did.

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