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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motivated to advocate for quality improvement: “Quality Care Saves Lives” Event at the Massachusetts State House

This is a transcript of my introduction this morning’s event at the Massachusetts State House:

My name is Ken Farbstein and I serve as President of the Consumer Health Quality Council.

The Consumer Health Quality Council consists of a diverse group of people who have suffered, or whose family members have suffered, health care errors. So we are strongly motivated to advocate for quality improvement and patient safety. The group has been active since 2006.

Today four Council members will be sharing their stories: John McCormick from Pembroke, Jen Tosca from Kingston, Robena Reid from Acton, and Lucilia Prates, our founder and former president, from Arlington. Their video stories serve as powerful examples of those who are taking an active role in improving health care quality in Massachusetts. I would also like to acknowledge all of the Consumer Council members who are here today. Please stand up. Thank you.

The Council Members have been working with students at Boston University School for Public Health to make these video stories. We want to thank Dan Dao, Daniel Lau, Elizabeth Romero, and Nandini Ravishankar for their work.

If you are interested in learning more about the Council, please feel free to pick up information at the table or speak with me or any other member of the Consumer Council or Kuong Ly of Health Care For All.

You will hear some individual stories today, just a few of the many – too many -- stories across Massachusetts that make clear why we need to improve health care quality.

The short videos appear here.

John McCormick's Advice: You can insist on having a more senior doctor see the patient if you are unsatisfied with the resident's care.

See another video from Health Care for All.

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