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Thursday, October 23, 2008

They didn't mention it at all: Jon Lester, cancer survivor

The second game of the World Series is on as I write this, and the Red Sox aren't in it. Jon Lester pitched very well in game seven, but was out-duelled by Tampa Bay’s pitchers.

The announcers talked a lot during the game about the power and mix of Jon's pitches. They didn't mention at all that he was a cancer survivor.

Early in the season in Jon's first few victories on the baseball diamond, the headlines and the stories focused on the marvel that Jon could have returned, after cancer, to the top of his game. Now, it is a mark of how far he has come in his recovery that they don't mention it at all.

Advice: Understand that your cancer survivor friends may prefer not to talk about their cancer, that they don't want to be defined by it.

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