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Friday, June 27, 2008

I'll do anything to save money: Patient testimonials for face-lifts

For Dave Gibson, 53, a New York actor, who had his Lasek surgery in May, posting a video on Facebook and YouTube was a no-brainer. He even added his own blow-by-blow narration. ("The first thing the doctor does is place a round apparatus in the center of my eye…") At the doctor's request, he also sent an email message to 100 of his closest friends, racking up a $1 credit for each one. As soon as the doctor had mentioned the rebate, Dave thought to himself, "I'll do anything to save money."

Another patient asked to remain anonymous because he is still undergoing treatment for an operation he had done about six months ago. Never mind that the video went up almost immediately, before he had time to heal. "Regardless of whether I'm happy – that's not going to stop me from posting," he said. "It's money in my pocket." As it turns out, he isn't satisfied with his results, but he hasn't taken down his glowing endorsement.

Advice: Take patients' testimonials with a grain of salt.

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Thanks to Abby Ellin for the source article in the NY Times of June 26.

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Anonymous said...

well organizations should come forward to help some of these cases.