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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maybe an early warning about a man's heart disease: Missed diagnoses

Half the people who die of heart disease die suddenly, undiagnosed. Surprisingly, impotence may be an early warning sign of a man’s undiagnosed heart disease. Some experts say what we are seeing in all the use of Viagra, Cialis, etc., is not so much an impotence epidemic as an explosion in the number of men suffering from other conditions - cardiac disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome - which include impotence as one of their symptoms. A recent study by Prof. Michael Kirby at the University of Hertfordshire found a strong link between impotence and heart disease. Erectile dysfunction can be a valuable warning sign, giving a sufferer time to make life-saving changes, before he has a heart attack.

Advice to men about impotence: Ask your doctor about this. The ocean is full of fish, and the doctor’s advice may give you extra years to enjoy using your rod and reel.

Read about how women can prevent heart disease, or read the source story by Victoria Lambert.


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